Frequently Asked Questions

Is this real?


Curated Businesses Pty Ltd is a registered Proprietary Limited company incorporated in Australia.  Our ACN is 631 625 164.

We always obtain the necessary government issued lottery permits for our campaigns and the final draw is conducted by an independent third party and overseen by a certified scrutineer.

We purchase each authentic designer piece directly from the official brand store.

Don't fall for imitations, if you can't see a giveaway posted on our verified Instagram page @curatedbusinesses, then it isn't being hosted by us.  Curated Businesses is the only business of it's kind to receive the verified "tick" from Instagram, you can be assured that our giveaways are fully compliant, with real luxury prizes for our lucky winners!

How do I enter?

Entry is quick, easy, and free!

All you have to do is follow us and all the people the nominated host account is following.  

Make sure your account is set to public.

How is the winner selected?

We engage the services of a third party facilitator to conduct a random draw of all eligible entrants.  They are Australian government approved and compliant.

As required by Australian law, we also engage the services of fully qualified independent scrutineer to oversee the random draw.

The process is subject to regular random audits by government representatives.

Nobody from my country/race/ethnicity has ever won. Why?

Our campaigns are always open worldwide.

Usually, there is a higher percentage of entrants from the same country as the person promoting the campaign. So, for example, we usually receive more entries from Australia if the promoter is an Australia influencer.

But every single person who enters has the same chance of winning.

Previous winners can be viewed here.

We reserve the right to block anyone who speaks unkindly about any of our lucky winners.

If I message or email you directly, do I have more chance of being chosen?


Please don’t do this.

When will you announce the winner?

The Terms and Conditions for each giveaway set out the date the winner will be announced.

Usually it is within 2-4 days of a giveaway closing.

Winners details are always published on our website.

I am a blogger/have a business, how do I get involved?

Businesses and Bloggers should complete the “Want to Know More” form on the Home page to request access to our marketing email list. Our emails contain more information about upcoming Talent and how to be involved in future campaigns with us.